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End of Year Process for a Compliant Office

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Compliance |  Chiropractic Office |  Risk Management
Risk Management
Dr. Chris Anderson
1 hour
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How to close out the end of the year before starting the next year! Dr. Chris Anderson helps you navigate how to keep your office compliant and in order! 


Dr. Chris Anderson's Profile

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Dr. Chris Anderson practices full time as a chiropractor in an integrative specialty clinic located in South-Central Wisconsin. He further engages his professional skills while consulting as a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist, a Certified Insurance Consultant, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, an Author, and a National Speaker. Dr Chris is an expert in consultation and professional speaking while serving the Help Desk of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association. Included in his professional duties and skills are his ability to preform medical record audits, on-site consulting, and hosting online course education for an array of health care providers. Dr. Chris has co-authored journal articles and texts, as well as having been a featured presenter for many state associations and other organizations across the country. As an educator he strives to continuously bring expertise into every class that he teaches with high energy enthusiasm, charisma, and entertainment. His goal during your interaction with him is to have your team ready to implement the processes in which he teaches as early as the next day! Personally, Dr. Chris lives with his dog, Madison (named after the city of his beloved Badgers). He enjoys his friends and family; and is grateful in his ability to spend time with them while participating in his array of hobbies such as cooking, swimming, scuba diving, sky diving, flying, traveling and, of course, attending Badger games. Dr. Chris enjoys all of the work he does and is dedicated to making his time with you a positive experience for all involved!